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Strategy, Planning, and Implementation
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Lotus Food Service has created a partnership with US Foods creating a primary purveyor program.  This allows our clients to receive all of the purchasing power of a contract managed operation, while still being in control of your food service department.

Manage your Employees

Lotus Food Service has select programs that works with your Food Service Director, Chef Manager, Executive Chef and Dining Room Manager to ensure that everyone is up to date on all aspects of the department.  We will provide a monthly in-service to be administered by your staff or ours on a monthly basis and provide all documentation to track every employee that you have.  We will also provide all of the necessary forms needed to be compliant with the DPH and JCAHO.  A brief example of what we will provide is:
  • Inventory Sheets
  • Waste Logs
  • Temp Sheets
  • Food Production Logs
  • TB Tests
  • CORI Checks
  • Urine Analysis
All of these items will be sent to your unit to be administered and compiled together with your team.  

*Our current fees are less than $250.00 per month, this included everything for the department to be compliant.

When the state comes into your facility, you will know that the dietary department is compliant!
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